Vulcan: SAE Aero Design East (2021)

SAE Aero Design'21 Advanced Class RC Aircraft

Vulcan: Flagship Aircraft of Team Assailing Falcons for 2021

Project Mission:

Simulate the colonization of Mars by designing as well as building a radio-controlled primary aircraft capable of releasing secondary autonomously guided colonist delivery aircraft (CDA) and supply payloads for the survival of the colonists.

The CDA needs to be an autonomous glider under 255 grams without any propulsion system. The supply payloads are Nerf howlers and Water bottles. The Final Flight Score is directly proportional to the days of habitability of the colonists.

My Role:

  • Member of the Avionics and Propulsion Department of Team Assailing Falcons.

  • Designed the Data Acquisition System (DAS) including the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the hardware implementation. DAS is used to receive live telemetry data from various sensors onboard and features a control panel to drop the payloads.

Graphical User Interface for Data Acquisition System

  • Developed the algorithms for Autonomous Navigation and Stabilisation of Colonist Delivery Aircraft.
Communist Delivery Aircraft (CDA)
  • Developed Autonomous Payload Drop System which automatically triggers the drop of static payloads based on data from various sensors.

  • Compared more than 1000 Power Plant configurations to select the appropriate one for the Primary Aircraft. Developed Software to scrape data from web tool (ecalc).

  • Created several marketing tools for sending stylish customised bulk emails to supporters.

Vulcan Flagship'21
  • Responsible for drafting the Technical Design Report containing every aspect of making the aircraft in detail.

  • Designed the team website for the year 2021: archive

Project Accomplishments:

  • 1st Worldwide in Design Report - SAE International Aero Design Competition (Lakeland, Florida, USA)
  • 1st Rank Overall in Asia - SAE International Aero Design Competition (Lakeland, Florida, USA)
  • 5th Rank Overall Worldwide - SAE International Aero Design Competition (Lakeland, Florida, USA)