Octopod: Smart IoT Home Automation Project (2018)

A uniquely shaped home automation IoT system

There are many IoT automation projects out there, but trust me there is nothing like this! Octopod is made using NodeMCU, Arduino Uno, and Raspberry Pi 3. Octopod allows you to make your home smart. Octopod sends you variety of data like temperature, humidity, and gas quality inside your home. Octopod also sends you notification whenever it detects any sort of motion inside and tells you when you need to water your plants. You can also control your appliances through a Blynk application on your smartphone. Octopod even enables true mood lighting!

Octopod is equipped with a tiny little camera, which sends you live feed. This camera also uses artificial intelligence to detect humans in its sight and sends you their pictures. In addition, it features an RFID door locking system!

Hackster.io Build Tutorial

Github Repository


Live Camera Feed
Intruder Detection System
Blynk Smartphone Application